The Diet Of A Rabbit

Like any aminal it is important that you give your rabbit the correct diet, as they are herbivores it is important they get the appropriate amount of time to graze their food, this normally takes around half an hour and allowing them to graze the grass in an outdoor run would be best for them. If not then you are able to put food in their hunts for them to graze. You will also find that rabbits will eat some of their own feces, which are small black pellets, this allows them to digest further the food they have already eaten. 

As well as this it is important they get other food in their diet as well, 'Rabbi Nuggets' can be brought in pet shops and should be given to rabbits under the weight of 3 kg once a day and twice a day for those over 3 kg. You should aso give your rabbit mixed green vegetables and these can be given to them daily. Green vegetables that are particularly good for rabbits are cabbage, celery leaves, broccoli and water cress.  Rabbits are also able to have fruit, however this should not be given every day or in large amounts due to it containing high amounts of sugar. 

You should also be aware that introducing new food into a rabbits diet can affect their digestive system and therefore if you want to introduce new food it should be done very slowly and in small amounts. 

Fresh water must always be accessible for a rabbit  and a rabbit should drink at least 50 – 150ml per kg body weight per day. Rabbits can have some health problems and will need to have check-up at the vets, you should consider taking out rabbit health insurance